About Us

Western Slope Hemp Growers Association (WSHGA) is a trade association created to strengthen the solidarity and effectiveness of hemp farmers on the western slope of Colorado. Colorado has the potential to create a new economy with industrial hemp. Our purpose is to assist western Colorado farmers who are interested in growing industrial hemp by networking with potential partners to create green jobs and green products for Coloradans.

The Many Uses of Hemp

Hemp can be used for food, fuel, building materials, paper, fiber, plastics and cosmetics. The list of eco-friendly applications for hemp are endless. Many American companies are using industrial hemp sourced from other countries in a wide variety of products and the market is steadily growing. Our goal is to help western Colorado growers take advantage of this market and gain a foothold in the hemp economy.

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To create green jobs and green products for the western slope of Colorado.

Approved by CO Dept of Ag

“Thank you for submitting your Hemp Harvest Notification. Your statement of disposition is consistent with the program rules for Research and Development as the seed and plant material are not intended for sale but to be used for fiber and biomass research. The information and updates you share are helpful for us to gain a better understanding of the challenges our registrants face in this emerging industry. Your resilience and forthright communication only work to strengthen and improve Colorado’s hemp industry.”

Sharon Farr, Administrative Assistant, Division of Plant Industry

Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul push legalizing hemp growth

Forget legalizing pot: Two of the most powerful Republicans in the Senate believe there’s a much stronger chance to legalize growing hemp in the U.S., opening up an entirely new market for crops, health food, oil, shirts, towels and even dog toys.