The mission of Western Slope Hemp Growers is to assist western Colorado farmers who are interested in growing industrial hemp by networking with potential partners to create green jobs and green products for Coloradans.

Western Slope Hemp Growers is a trade created to strengthen the solidarity and effectiveness of hemp farmers on the western slope of Colorado. Colorado has the potential to create a new economy with industrial hemp. Our purpose is to assist western Colorado farmers who are interested in growing industrial hemp by networking with potential partners to create green jobs and green products for Coloradans.


Approved by CO Dept of Ag

“Thank you for submitting your Hemp Harvest Notification. Your statement of disposition is consistent with the program rules for Research and Development as the seed and plant material are not intended for sale but to be used for fiber and biomass research. The information and updates you share are helpful for us to gain a better understanding of the challenges our registrants face in this emerging industry. Your resilience and forthright communication only work to strengthen and improve Colorado’s hemp industry.”
Sharon Farr, Administrative Assistant, Division of Plant Industry


The many uses of hemp

Hemp can be used for food, fuel, building materials, paper, fiber, plastics and cosmetics. The list of eco-friendly applications for hemp is endless. Many American companies are using industrial hemp sourced from other countries in a wide variety of products and the market is steadily growing. Our goal is to help western Colorado growers take advantage of this market and gain a foothold in the hemp economy.



Colorado hemp in the news

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  • Will hemp farmers have seed for 2019? USDA issues new guidance April 19, 2019
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has stepped in to assist hemp producers and exporters to bring hempseed to the United States now that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is not involved. In addition to the 2018 Farm Bill removing hemp and its derived products from the U.S. Controlled Substances list, the measure removed […]
    Laura Drotleff
  • North Dakota lowers hemp fees, approves flower and CBD production April 19, 2019
    North Dakota has lowered fees on hemp farmers and lifted a ban on flower and CBD production. The state ranked seventh in hemp acreage in 2018, even though the law previously limited hemp production to fiber and seed products. Gov. Doug Burgum signed the measure into law earlier this month. The changes take effect for […]
    Kristen Nichols
  • Sol Global subsidiary closes $12 million round of private financing April 19, 2019
    Toronto-based cannabis investment firm Sol Global Investments has completed a nonbrokered private placement financing of common shares of its international hemp subsidiary, Heavenly Rx, for more than $12 million. As a result, Sol Global now holds 34.4% of Heavenly Rx’s shares, while the rest of the common shares were sold to accredited investors for 10 […]
    Laura Drotleff
  • Sanitas Peak to invest $3M in hemp producer Colorado Cultivars April 19, 2019
    Sanitas Peak, a Boulder, Colorado-based investment group, said it has placed a $3 million debt facility with Colorado Cultivars, a producer of industrial hemp. Proceeds from the loan primarily will be used to develop production and processing facilities at the company’s main farm in Eaton, Colorado. Colorado Cultivars grew 1,500 acres of hemp in 2018 […]
    Nick Thomas
  • Michigan farmers cleared for hemp production for 2019 season April 18, 2019
    Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the state’s agriculture department launched hemp licensing for the 2019 planting season Thursday, ensuring that Michigan’s agriculture industry won’t miss out this year. “Michigan is uniquely positioned to grow, process and manufacture industrial hemp (as) one of the nation’s most agriculturally diverse states,” Whitmer said in a news release from the […]
    Laura Drotleff

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